Assocation of Maha Maya Devi Followers Penang


ASSOCIATION OF MAHA MAYA DEVI was started on wesak Day 13th'May 2014 in 824,Taman Wira ,Teluk Ayer Tawar,13050 Butterworth' Establishments and Register at 11th Feb 2014 (PPM-016-07-77022014). ASSOCIATION OF MAHA MAYA DEVI was formed in the year 2014. a small group of devout and far-sighted devotees explore ways and means to introduce the Buddha Dhamma in a more organized way than hitherto in Penang in particular, and Malaysia in general. Working together generally in good teamwork, the 10 pioneer members began to organize many Dhamma Talks, meditation classes and retreats, community service and fellowship activities. Many more residents in Penang joined the newly formed Association and the Centre very quickly became a community and spiritual center for many Buddhists in and around Penang. Realizing the importance of providing Dhamma education for the younger generations. To provide food for our Sunday School children and our devotees every Sundays and also for other occasions, we have a very dedicated team of kitchen helpers working so hard to cook for them. The spirit of volunteerism in PPMMD is marvelous. Many individuals come to the PPMMD to help in the cleaning of the Temple and offer their help as volunteers in one way or another like organizing Buddhism courses, Kathina, Wesak Day Celebration, Pattidana. For the continued success of the Association, we need the continued broad-based support and contribution of our members and devotees. We hope all our members and devotees will continue to support and help us in achieving our mission and our vision. May All Beings Be Well and Happy!